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Emotional Freedom Technique and Intuition

How to Use The Emotional Freedom Technique to Boost Your Intuition

A technique that works very well to help us clear our emotional body is EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique.  This technique has become quite popular and there is a lot of information about it online. It is a tapping technique created by Roger Callahan and is one of the quicker and easier ways to clear out past emotional residue.  By tapping on certain trigger points on the body, you release the energy stored in the meridians and help the emotional residue to release and your body to heal. EFT can also be used to help us boost our intuition.

Here is the basic tapping sequence.

The Emotional Freedom Technique

Use 2 fingers of both hands to tap the following points to stimulate the meridians and help release old emotions.  Simply tap a few times on these areas in the order given.

1.  The karate chop point on the side of either hand.
2.  The inside of your eyebrow
3.  The outside of your eyes
4.  Right under your eyes
5.  Right under your nose
6.  Right under your mouth at the top of chin
7.  Where your collarbones come together
8.  Four inches below your armpit
9.  At the top of your head

Close your eyes, take a deep breath.  Now we are going to use EFT to enhance our intuition.  Think about your intuition.  State “I love myself and as I tap I boost my intuition.”  Tap each of the points while thinking about improving your intuition.  Do this for a few days and watch for changes.

I would love to hear what you uncover.

Love Dawn

Experience The Foreground and Background of Your Intuition

Experience The Foreground and Background of Your Intuition

In each experience in our lives, certain aspects of our experience are in the foreground of our conscious awareness, and get the focus of our attention. Other parts of our experience are there, yet remain in the background. Look at the photograph of the people in the bleachers. Notice the colors of their clothing, that they are sitting down etc.  Many things may come into your awareness.

Now shift the focus of your attention to the background of the picture.  Look at the things you didn’t see before.  Look past the people, to the location.  Notice the backdrop behind the bleachers. Notice the blue structure, the sky, the wires in the air and the building in the background.

Shift your image so that the people move to the background and the backdrop becomes the picture.  Notice how many things change in your awareness. Shift your awareness a few times back and forth.

Apply Foreground Background to Your Intuition

This same principle works in your awareness of your intuition.  When you are watching for intuitive images to move across your movie screen you may not notice what is in the background. We are going to look at the background of your intuitive awareness.

The Foreground Background Exercise

1.    Revisit a time when you had an intuitive flash.
2.    Notice the images, feelings and sounds you receive and then shift the focus of your attention to the background of your experience.
3.    Look at the backdrop in the picture. Focus on what you didn’t see before.
4.    Move your attention to the feelings in your body. Move your attention behind the feeling.  What canvas of stillness sits behind the intuitive feelings?
5.    Listen to any intuitive sounds, voices or guidance.  Then shift your focus to the background behind the delivery of sounds. Is your backdrop quiet?  Is there an experience of listening or the listener?  What is this like for you?

Whatever you get is valid and worthy of your attention.  The reason for doing this exercise is to increase you intuitive awareness and to become even more aware of the state of mind and body to be in to catch your intuition most deeply and frequently.

Love to you all!

What are Master Level Guides?

What are Spirit Guides?

Guides are friends and helpers in the spirit world. They are members of our soul family who are not incarnating right now. Master level guides are beings that travel with us, love us deeply and have our best interests at heart. Most of us appear to have at least two or three main guides.

A master level guide is wise and loving. They are warm, compassionate and understanding. Your guides are here with you 24-7. You can call on them anytime.

Guides communicate with you in the same way your intuition does by using your inner senses. All of the tools I taught you so far will work to help you hear your guides.

When you sit to work with your guides, ask if they are in mastery. It’s best to only work with beings who are in mastery. If they are not in mastery, ask for your master guides to take those beings to their next highest place for their own evolution and fulfillment and make sure there are only master level beings on your guide team.

The only exception I sometimes make to that is with a deceased relative. Some of our relatives have not achieved mastery, but they can still be allowed on your guide team as long as they are loving and wise and not causing any interference. My mother and grandmother visit me frequently from the other side. I listen to their advice and take it to heart. I also know they love me. Then I also continue by checking in with my master level guides and make sure I’m on track.

Love Dawn

How do Guides and Angels Communicate?

Article:  How do Guides and Angels Communicate?

Your guides and angels use your intuition to talk to you. They use your inner pictures, feelings, sounds, tastes and smells to communicate as well as your inner knowing.  You receive these messages telepathically, which is thought form transmission and through the inner side of your five senses.  That means your intuition is very body focused and uses your body to talk to you.  So do your guides.

Your spirit guides and angels can also speak to you through the newspaper, a bulletin board, the internet, a stone, a tree, an animal, bird, a friend a stranger or an intuitive reader.  They can also communicate to you through downloads.

What are Downloads?  

Downloads are large chunks of information that comes in instantly in an intuitive flash. They are like compressed computer files with lots of information inside. A whole bucketful of information can come in a download. When you receive a download, slow down, listen and take some time to decipher it.  I have often receieved whole readings in a matter of a minute and then taken the full hour to “read the reading”.

Synchronous and Persistent Messages

Be alert for synchronicity, such as events that come close in time frames and carry a similar message.  Watch for themes or ideas that are popping up close to each other.  Your guides are playful and persistent.  They might place something in front of you several times until you get it!

This week my guides sent two clients in a row that had recently had allergy testing.  When I stopped to check in, I was also getting a message that this would be a good idea for me.  Be watchful for the clues.

Guides and Angels are Playful

Contact with your guides and angels will feel good.  They seem to be having a pretty good life filled party over there on the other side sometimes.  They laugh and giggle alot and tell us not to take ourselves so seriously.  They want us to have fun.

They are with us when times are easy and light and they are also there for us in our darkest hour and times of need.  If you can’t hear them, know that they hear you.  They can hear your thoughts and they especially love it when you talk to them right outloud and include them in your prayers.  They are fun and always have your best interest at heart.

Relaxation and Brain Waves

It is easier to receive information from your guides when you are relaxed, though they can come through to you anytime, including an emergency or a crisis.  In a crisi that is when they will pierce the veil and holler through to you to turn this way or that way and help you get your mojo going.

In a lightly relaxed state you create alpha brain waves.  It is easier to receive messages in an alpha state.  In deep relaxation, called theta you can receive lots of input.  When you fall asleep, you create delta brainwaves. You also receive messages in your dreams or while falling asleep.  Allow time to relax, take a hot bath or shower, (water is a conductor of energy), walk in nature, listen to music and ground yourself.  The more relaxed and grounded you are, the easier it is to receive your guidance.

Would you like to share your own experiences with your guides and angels?  Please do.

Above all else, love yourself.  See you soon,

Dawn Lianna

P.S. Feel free to reply, ask questions, write about your own experiences or to share this forward with friends. I love hearing from you.  Your blog post may not show up immediately, please press reply only once.


Angel Message – The Mighty Dandelion


Nature is one of your greatest helpers. The tiniest flower growing through the crack in the pavement has worked very hard to brighten your day. It has pushed through the strongest of adversity to get to the surface to find you and show it’s face for a few days.

Enter the mighty dandelion, peeking its head from the sidewalk. Stop to say hello. It is one of the strongest of flowers and the heartiest of plants. It is not afraid of harsh conditions. It will take on cement when it wants to bloom.

Be like the mighty dandelion. We are not asking you to seek out hardship but to reach for the sun under any circumstances. If your seed is planted in an easy soil, you are blessed and lucky. Be grateful. If your seed seems to be planted under the pavement, work around the pavement until it cracks and you break through.

If your heart is cold, weary and worn with old issues, if it is hardened like concrete or wet like the river, break through. Breathe through. There is a love inside that is deeper than all the hardship. You must drill down through the hardship to find the love. The dandelion will push through the concrete to reach the sun. You too can grow through your hardship to reach the light.

Daily Angel Messages Choose Your Own Price!

My Wonderful Angel Experience

Dawn’s Wonderful Angel Journey

I laid down on my angel’s back. At first I could hardly believe the extent of her heartbeat. I didn’t really know that angels had a heart, but I guess it’s an energetic one. I could feel it beating. It was as if the angel’s chest was open, and my heart became one with her heart. I just laid there for a while, resting. I was transfixed.

Then I asked my angel to take me for a ride. A feeling of exuberance overcame me. What surprised me the most was the feeling of my chest expanding and contracting as she moved her giant wings? It felt like my physical arms were moving yet they were lying at my side. My breath changed and I expanded as my chest and heart opened.

We soared up. We didn’t go clear to the edge of the earth’s atmosphere. We flew over my childhood home. My angel showed me many things. She explained to me that my experiences in that home were meant to be and that the traumas that I had experienced were not my fault. She showed me that she had always been there with me, and that in times of need I had been taken out of my physical body and laid in her arms. The experience was blazingly beautiful. Her love for me and her compassion for my experiences were deeply healing.

We circled my childhood home many times, until I found a feeling of peace with all things. Then we returned to the room where I was physically sitting. I found myself slipping back into my body very easily. I had a deep lightness about me, the rest of the day. The healing effect of that journey is still invigorating.


An Exercise to Increase Self Trust

Hi everybody,

Folks are asking such great questions.  The theme of self- trust continues to arise. It seems that for each of us on the great journey of spiritual awakening, we want to refine our wonderful intuition skills even more.

Here is an easy exercise I created to help you.

An Exercise to Increase Self Trust

1.  Imagine your intuition could roll down your arm into the palm of your right hand. Think of some great experiences you have had with your intuition. Wrap them up right there in your palm and make them into a gift box.  Fill it with great experiences and fill it with light.

2.  Form a second gift box in your left hand. Place into this gift box some
simple things you trust. Feel the energy of trust blossoming in your hand.

“I trust I can type, walk, talk, and zip a zipper.”  Contemplate some things that are easy for you to trust and allow that energy to fill up your left palm.

3.  Next sit back.  Take a deep breathe. Compare your hands.  Notice which hand has more energy in it.  Fill them both up.

4. Let the gift box of trust grow bigger and bigger until it is glowing and huge.  When you are certain that it is as strong as the gift in your right hand, connect your hands together and pour the gift of trust into the gift of intuition, merging them together.

This exercise is simple and powerful.  You can do it again and again.   This
will help you follow through on your intuition more automatically.  Watch throughout the day for opportunities to follow your intuition.  Notice that you may be following through more easily.

Here is a link to some more free articles on the Free Resources Section of my website.

Much love to you,

Dawn Lianna MA


Rewrite Your Birth Story

Hi everyone,

Here is a super great strategy for you to try.  I love this one.

Rewrite Your Birth Story

baby picture optimized

I hope you are aware that your conception womb time and birth are instrumental in determining your core story for your life.  Taking time to  rewrite this story really helps rewrite the foundation for your life.

Find an hour of quiet time for this one. Please read it through. I have included my own. I trust you will lovingly respect it. It is fantasy becoming reality in my own being.

1. Connect with your deepest inner being and do this exercise when you are feeling peaceful and have some uninterrupted time.

2. Write a fantasy of your ideal conception, womb time and birth. Include the location, the love between your ideal parents, the scents in the air, the flowers on the table, the intentions of yourself and your parents for your incarnation. Write this for your conception through birth.

3. To further enhance this and make it even more believable create an altar with the componenets you included in the story. Suggestions are : Cover it with a beautiful fabric, add flowers, scents, music. sunlight etc.  Make the miniature environment just the way you want your new birth.

4. When you feel complete with writing it, relax yourself and journey in to experience this consciously. Leave the altar up for as long as you feel, at least a few days.

Rewrite Your Birth Story: Here is my own rewrite.  Please respect it.  It is sacred to me.

I am conceived in love on a romantic holiday where it is planned by my parents that they are going to conceive a baby. It is their honeymoon and yet they have known each other for 7 years. They go to the tropics. It is a cool romantic evening with a slight breeze in the air. My mother and father each light a candle for themselves and one together for me.

After a nice light meal they take a walk on the beach holding hands. They are excited to make love and they call and talk to me on the inner. They ask my name and if I have any special requests. I want scented flowers, candles burning and soft curtains on the window. The door is closed and locked and a big dog sits outside the door. There is no phone so they are undisturbed. They call their guides and mine and ask God to bless their journey. They make love slowly and conceive me in their deepest embrace. I watch and feel their love.

My womb time is cherished. My mother and father feel great and happy. They are in love. My dad puts his head on the womb each day and cherishes me my mom. They play our favorite music. They keep flowers on the table and talk about me in deep and loving anticipation. They make a special place in a bassinet in their room for me. They are so excited that I am coming in their lives.

They prepare for my birth. I am to be born at home in a water bath. My dad and a midwife and helper are present. My mother goes into labor and I slip out in a couple of hours. The table is lit with candles and flowers and the scent of plumerias. They stayed in the tropics throughout my womb time. They let me float in the water for a minute or two and I signal them when I am ready and I come still underwater to my mother’s heart.

After some time on my mother’s heart, both my mother and father hold me together. I signal the midwife with a wink when I am ready to come out of the water. I am lifted from the water still connected to the umbilicus and take my first breath on my mother’s heart. It is delicious. The scent of plumerias and lilies are in the air. It is early evening and there is a cool breeze in the tropical air. Everything is so quiet except for an occasional bird chirping. The same big dog is outside the door so we are not interrupted.

I breathe for a while and open my eyes. I look into my mother, refreshed to see her. I am so glad this loving soul is my mom and that she is here for me. My father is respectfully waiting and available.

When I look over to my dad, he smiles and reaches his soft hand over to touch me. I let him know I am ready to be held by both of them.  They come together and the two of them cradle me joyfully.  I am so happy. They are in awe as they look at the light and the love in my eyes. My purity and newness is astonishing and respected. It is so beautiful.

I am not yet ready to be disconnected from my mother or to be held by just my father so we stay there for another hour or two. The midwives have taken a walk to give us time.

When they come back, I signal that I am ready to have the umbilicus disconnected. We prepare. I lock eyes with my mother as my father respectfully cuts the cord. They tell me that it will feel fine and that I am safe, cherished and loved. I will always be supported. I will be independent, whole and free and still connected yet my life force will be strong on it’s own. They cut the cord.

I am pleasantly surprised that it is so easy and liberating. Just as they said, I feel independent and connected. I lay on my mother’s heart.  My dad’s kind hand is on my back.

After a long 2 hour nap on my mother’s chest, I nurse. After nursing, I lay on my father’s chest for a while. Then I am handed to the loving nurses and washed with soft silk for the first time.  I am washed in clean water in the tub we birthed me in, but the water has been changed. My mother and father help to wash me.

Throughout this process, they tell me they love me and support me and are glad I am here. They are conscious enlightened parents and I begin a very joyful incarnation.

Guide Talk – How to Be More Loving!

hearts for angel book_optThis is what my guides had to say about: How to Be More Loving

“Take good care of yourself first. Yes, please put yourself first.

After you have taken care of yourself, reach out to your closest companions. If that is a mate or a family, take care of your mate and your family. Take care of your animals.

Then go back inside. When you are satisfied that you and your family are happy, reach out to your community and your work. Life springs forth in this manner.

When you put your inner world first and yourself on the top of the list, you arrive at life well nourished. When you deprive yourself of your own love, you really deprive others of the better part of you.

When you put others before yourself, you arrive on half mast. Your tank of energy and love is not so full. Arrive full. Arrive nurtured and then you are the most loving person that you can be.”

Love to you all,


Morning Guide Talk – Times of Radical Shifts

Hello everyone,

We want today to remind you of who you really are. There are so many distractions in the world and the world is moving so quickly, it’s like a movie going at a radically fast speed and that can be distracting. The movie tells you that you are a boy or a girl, a man or a woman, tall or short, thin or fat, happy or sad. But you are not any of those things really. You are love. You are the love inside yourself and you are a unique expression of that love.

Love is your nature and that is your true self. You have all had inklings of remembering the love inside you. You weren’t told that you would grow up to be “the light”, yet you have found the light inside of you. Your great grand parents may have never heard of a light worker but today these are common terms.

We are in times of radical and rapid shifting, and it’s easy to get lost, derailed or scared. Stay as close to the present moment as you can and stay in your center. Ask for guidance and sit to listen for guidance anytime. When you are in fear do not project manifestations for the future. Instead embrace the fear, love yourself with all your might and let the fear dissolve. We are here for you 24 -7. WE are with you always. Ask for our help.

We encourage you to ground and clear your energies several times a day – See how to ground at this link –

Practice staying present. So many opportunities are bypassed because people are not awake in the moment or you are too scared to connect with the opportunity because it requires a greater letting go.

Allow spirit to move through you, to touch your lips, to move your hips. Let go, let go let go and let in the new. Follow the inspiration every single moment. Love yourself with all your might. We adore you.

5 Keys to Contacting Your Angels

by Dawn in Angels Comments: 2

angel whimsy graphic

You Contact Your Angels Best When You Are Grounded and Present

Believe it or not, this is a key that some people don’t really understand. There is a misunderstanding that we will contact our angels best in our dreams and daydreams. While it is possible to contact them while daydreaming, the more important key is to be really grounded and present. Because they use your body to connect with you, the more grounded and present you are, the more likely you are to connect with them. Here is a link to the Grounding exercise also on my site.

Trust Your Intuition

Many people feel that what they receive from their angels might be a figment of their imagination. I choose to know that the angels also use your imagination. Your imagination and your intuition are deeply connected. When you ignore your imagination, you might be ignoring your intuition. As long as the guidance or what you are getting sounds reasonable, go with it.

Wherever you are on the scale of growing your confidence, the more you trust yourself, the stronger your confidence becomes.

Start with the Small Stuff

Ask for guidance on small things first and try it out. When you get better at the small stuff, then listen in on the big stuff.

Ask, “Is the Answer Available Now?”

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again because it’s a huge key. Dear angels, “Is the answer ready for me today?” Yes or No. You know what a Yes and a No feel like.

Be Neutral, Keep Your Emotions Out Of the Way

This is the biggy folks. We want what we want when we want it. We have an emotional attachment to the answers. Dang it. We do! We are human after all. The more neutral we are, the clearer our answers become. When your emotions are rested and out of the way, the answers come through more clearly.

Remember the angels have your best interest at heart. If you trust them, they will lead you where you most need to go. They know your purpose. They know your higher calling. So listen in and believe in them They have your back!

Go ahead and post your thoughts here on the blog so we can dialogue about this. I’ll be glad to help you learn how to contact your angels.


Manifesting on the Causal Plane

All Credit Given to Lazaris and Jach Pursel.  Lazaris is Channeled Through Jach Pursel


The Causal Plane is the place referred to in the Law of Attraction, the Law of Cause and Effect.  When you place your intention on the causal plane you get a resounding effect.

Before you do the exercise, get a clear sense of what you intend to manifest. Read more!