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Call us toll free: +1 800 789 50 12
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Meet Dawn Lianna, MA

Welcome! I am Dawn Lianna MA, a premier intuitive and internationally known author, intuitive, healer and Intuition Development Trainer. I am the author of 5 spiritual books and 6 e-courses on Intuition Development, Angels and Spiritual guidance.

My extensive background includes a Master's degree in psychology and counseling. I am also an NLP practitioner and trainer and a hypnotherapist. In addition to my traditional education, my intuitive development was enhanced by three near death experiences and daily contact with the angels beginning in my childhood. These experiences have added deeply to my knowledge and psychic abilities.

I love things that are practical, useful and down to earth. I live in Portland, Oregon where I give trainings, play harmonica, and key board and enjoy gardening.

It is my goal to train all of the light workers of the world, helping them to gain skills and knowledge that will help them enhance their earthly experience. If you are asking if you are a light worker? Your search for knowledge, growth and development shows that you are. I am here to help you on your journey.

Welcome to where you can enjoy my trainings, readings, free resources and newsletter.






OCTOBER 23-25, 2015

Grounded Work with the Ascended Masters and Their Virtues

Awaken your DNA to Work with your Universal Mind Exercises, Activations, Journeys, and Sacred Fire Circle

Join together on the Mountain for Channeling of the Star Families

Spend 2 hours in Shasta Stargate, a Physical Geometry Tool  


Cracking the Prosperity Code
This "In Person" Class takes place in Portland, OR

If old outdated beliefs are still affecting you and you want change them, this training will teach you how.


  • Identify and change old beliefs that don’t serve you
  • Create new empowering beliefs that serve you
  • Learn how and get it done in one day
  • Build new beliefs around: Confidence, your body image, relationships, money, being enough


New classes coming soon


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